Monday, November 1, 2010

I don't know, I'm guessing.

This blog will be about my experiences running a holiday cottage in Lydd, Kent.

I have no idea how popular the cottage will prove to be. It is a year, or so, since I first got the notion into my head of finding somewhere to house my late brother's Doctor Who collection. I know that I would enjoy, and he would have enjoyed, the idea of a themed holiday cottage, but whether other people will ? - I don't know, I'm guessing!

This blog will give me the opportunity to tell prospective guests a bit about what they will find at the cottage and the places that we have had fun visiting since we bought, and started revovating, the cottage back in June 2010.

Visitors to the cottage are also welcome to e-mail me pictures and tell me about what they get up to whilst staying there.

I am sure that all of this will involve a steep learning curve for me, and the more feedback I get the easier it will be for me to improve the experience for visitors.

I hope that staying at the Cottage will be a little like a trip in the Tardis - after all, holidays are about visiting new places and seeing different people. We all hope that our holidays will be a magical, new and extraordinary experience and I hope that a holiday here will prove to be just that.

The cottage and this blog are, in a way, a tribute to my brother.

David Bannister 1957-2009

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