Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love

Elisabeth Sladen 1948-2011

I think that Colin Baker has best summed up my feelings on the sad news regarding the death of the actress Elisabeth Sladen. "Very sad to hear of the death of Lis Sladen. Great sympathy for her husband and daughter. She was far too young to be lost to them."

I know how hard it is when someone dies at such a relatively young age, my brother David being only 51 when he died.

He died only a year after my younger brother and so we, inevitably, had discussions about our own mortality and funerals, althoough we had no inkling of how little time he had left.

He said something like "I don't worry about myself, it is the ones left behind who I feel sorry for"

It is a cliche but true, that, although I think of my brother every day, the grief, the sense of disbelief, eventually do give way to the memories he left behind.

Setting up the Cottage was a way of processing the shock and I am glad that it is bringing enjoyment to so many people - especially the children.

Apart from her family and friends this must be a particularly difficult time for children who have grown to love Sarah Jane in her current adventures on CBBC.

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  1. I was staying in your cottage with my wife and our three young sons when we heard the news of 'Sarah Jane's' death.

    Watching Dr Who and Sarah Jane's adventures is an enjoyable family occasion for us, so to hear that news - surrounded as we were with Dr Who memorabilia - was rather surreal, and of course very sad.

    Despite that, we had a wonderfully joyous week in your cottage Tony.

    The cottage, barn and enchanting little garden are full of character and had a lovely welcoming atmosphere. The Dr Who collection is fascinating in it's own right, but it is brought to life and made special because it is being shared.

    Your brother must have taken great delight in all things Dr Who. Through sharing the collection, his delight can still burn bright in others.

    I also lost a much loved brother, Richard, to a road accident when he was just 36. He was one of life's nice guys - never wanting, always giving - and when I picture him he always has a warm smile.

    There is a real warmth about your cottage too Tony. Your brother has left a lovely legacy that will bring joy to visitors - young and old. We hope your knowledge of the pleasure it is bringing to your guests will bring you comfort, joy and a smile when you think of your brother . . .

    Mark & family.