Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Never mind about the time slip - we're on holiday!

A very interesting article appeared in the Saturday Guardian, a couple of weeks ago, on the Romney Marsh area. You can read the article here:

Sadly they missed out on the TARDIS experience in Lydd!

The cottage is now booked out for virtually the whole of April - clearly two successive four-day weekends, bookended by bank holidays, Easter and the Royal Wedding mean that people are keen to book some time away.

It is interesting that most of the bookings have been quite last minute - not sure if this is due to people seeing how the economic situation is developing or the balmy weather of the last week making people think about being by the sea!

So far the bookings have been quite a mixture. A few couples have stayed - the cottage seems to be popular as a birthday or anniversary surprise for a spouse who is a fan of Doctor Who.

Not surprisingly, Easter seems to be popular for families. I have been a little concerned at not having any bookings for the Summer, yet, but perhaps if people are not going abroad they leave it later than they usually might?

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