Friday, March 11, 2011

What d'you think then?

 Now we have had a few guests at the cottage it is great to be getting some feedback and to know that people are enjoying it all as much as I had hoped they would.

Hannah wrote "Had a wonderful time in the cottage. Beautiful and cosy place, very welcoming. The area is also nice and charming. We really enjoyed exploring the area by day and discovering classic who by night. Thank you for an amazing week."

Lindsay recommends The George Hotel "What a cute cottage! Very lovely area, highly recommend The George for friendly staff, good food and internet. Amazing Who collection - I loved waking up and seeing the Tardis out the window!"

Sarah said "Had a lovely time! This was a great holiday! Thank you for all the hard work in setting this cottage up!"

It is comments like that which really make me feel it was all worthwhile.

Yesenia comes from America and wrote "As an LA based fan it's difficult to find Doctor Who based adventures so thank you for making this location/home available for new memories."

The photos here have been kindly suppled by Steve and his wife, who stayed last week - loved Steve's comment "I love everything here. I am in Nerd Heaven!"

I think that my brother would have loved the fact that so many people are enjoying the cottage and his collection.

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